USACE Chena River Lakes Flood Control Project—Electrical and Fencing Upgrade






Scope includes: remove the existing motor control center and salvage (turnover to Project Office); demolish the existing 100 amp power panel; demolish the existing 15kva transformer; demolish the existing telephone and communication panel. Relocate the phone circuits to a new phone box; expose and protect the existing 2” thru-floor conduits for reuse; install new electric panels; install a new floor mounted 30kva transformer; install a new service entrance switch and power meter; install a new security alarm system; install new circuits, fixtures and switches for upstream and downstream beacon lights and bay lights; install sheetrock and fire taping on outer walls of control works office; remove and replace two vehicle gates (26 foot swing gates); repair Control Works deck rail and fencing. Replace the Control Works railing with steel box tubing and expanded metal panel fencing. Remove and salvage existing fencing and turnover to the Project Office. Replace existing chain link fence with new chain link fence.

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