Penthouse Roof Replacement Anchorage Federal Building






Orion Construction, Inc. removed and replaced the roofs on (6) penthouses at the Anchorage Federal Building/US Courthouse in Anchorage, Alaska. The roofs were 30 years old and leaking allowing demolition of existing roof assembly, hazmat abatement, installation of new roof assembly, new roof drains, caps, relocation of an existing antenna with a new tower, and new lightening protection on one of the penthouses. This building was occupied requiring restrictions on noise and odor. A value-engineered approach with materials and work schedule lowered the impact on cost, noise, and odor. The 6 story building required craning of debris for demolition and staging of roofing material. All employees compiled with OSHA safety standards. Because of the downtown location, street closure was necessary at times. The project required immense coordination of trades in conjunction with Project Manager, Municipality of Anchorage, building occupants, subcontractors, and Orion's employees. Hazmat asbestos was recognized in the specs and removed/disposed of within all city, state and federal regulations. The removal of existing work minimized damage to adjacent material, requiring field verification and approval of conditions with COR prior to construction. A total of 19,200 sq. ft. of EPDM membrane (fully adhered with low VOC water-based adhesive) was installed by the roofing subcontractor. Quality Control was initiated via submittals on materials and physical inspection of materials upon arrival by Project Manager, Quality Control Manager, and Roofing Subcontractor. Orion's site superintendent and subcontractors superintendent supervised installation. Upon completion of each unit the Quality Control Manger, COR/Project Manager, Orion's Superintendent and Roofing Subcontractor, and architect approved Installation. Orion compiled with specifications, received an outstanding performance report from the COR, and had a safety incidences. There was immense coordination between the COR/Project Manager, GSA's building Manager, Subcontractors, and Orion employees as this was the Federal Courthouse building which had restrictions on noise and odor disruption.

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